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Onformative Transforms Facebook Data Into Gorgeous Wallpaper

"On the one hand we were interested in the contrast of nostalgic handmade drawings representing today’s digital communication. On the other hand those drawings are incredibly detailed, offering the possibility to weave data into little nuances."

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Eventually I scribbled in my notebook: ‘Holy [expletive] I can’t concentrate on what anyone’s saying. Ants all over me.’
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skull chair


Not gonna lie, this chair is freaking me out a little.

At Radiolab Live, Reggie Watts DJ’d a dance party for Robert Krulwich and a giant dinosaur.

Yes, this really happened.

Want to see the rest of the show that bred this lunacy? You’re in luck.

A copy of the Customs form filled out by the Apollo 11 astronauts after their return to Earth on July 24, 1969.
That’s right, astronauts go through customs.
The last thing you would see if you were eaten by a penguin.
Sing it, Dr. Mead.
If you’re not following The Reconstructionists, you should be.

Sing it, Dr. Mead.

If you’re not following The Reconstructionists, you should be.


Post Its - Jared Schorr

Artists on tumblr

OK, this is just delightful.

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Inflating a set of cat lungs

Lungs are by most accounts mundane. Everybody has them, few give it much thought. But sequestered within darkness of the chest cavity, enveloping the fluttering heart, there’s an incredible wonder to this oddly inflatable organ.

Dissection is a destructive process. Rudely excised from membranous mooring and nourishing vessels, the deflated lungs appear little more than bloodied meat; amorphous and exposed…….until a breath of air unfurls its secret glory. 

Here, a set of cat lungs is inflated with a straw. Comprised of hundreds of millions of microscopic air sacks called alveoli, mammalian lungs harbor air capacity that is difficult to believe unless seen. The color of the entire organ lightens into a soft pink, as each microscopic sac fills with air.

A debt of gratitude is owed to cyborgraptor for her assistance in creating these gifs, as well as the students that helped me film this demo. 

Kids, don’t try this at home, OK?