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I remember looking down and seeing purple nail polish on the thumb.
Could this be the creature that we can all agree we should just get rid of?

The Ice Horses of Ladoga by André Prah. 

The story that inspired Prah inspired us, too.  You can hear it in our latest podcast.

You are now attending an instant online funeral for a town that never was, then was, then wasn’t and now isn’t.
There it was, half a pinkie’s length up, right where the cartilage meets the bone: the smooth, rounded backside of a fully engorged tick.
Mo Devlin's Frozen follower Mo Devlin's Frozen follower


Mo Devlin (USA) - Frozen Posies

Over his thirty years in the hobby, American photographer Mo Devlin has successfully bred many of the Central and South American cichlid fishes. His passion for the aquarium hobby is only rivaled by his love of photography. Recently he develops the love of taking pictures of frozen flowers with a macro lens to create abstract compositions. He captures different patterns, light, texture and details of each frozen flower. (src. Artist’s biography & Fubiz)

(via darksilenceinsuburbia)

OK, we’ve got a major WNYC showdown happening over at the annual KPCC Public Radio bracket.  This round we’re up against On the Media – one of our favorite shows, sure, staffed with amazing people, sure, but we need to take them down.  

Help us (and all your favorites) advance to the next round! Cast your vote right here.

Water, by itself, is not actually that good at remembering how to become ice.
Cezanne produced precarious little worlds that almost, almost, almost lose their balance, but somehow hold themselves together, creating tension, beauty and danger all at once.