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As a new season of Major League Baseball begins, one photographer focuses on baseballs past — that is, baseballs that have lain dormant well after their last pitch.

For years, photographer Don Hamerman walked his dog near an old baseball diamond in Stamford, Conn. And in all different seasons, in all kinds of weather, Hamerman picked up old baseballs.

He brought them back to his studio, where they sat around for years until he finally decided to start photographing them in 2005.

Hamerman, who hasn’t been to a ballgame in 10 years, admits that he cares more about aesthetics than history. He says he doesn’t even know what baseballs are made of — he just loves the way they look.

Finding Beauty In A Baseball, After The Last Pitch

Photo Credit: Don Hamerman

Have you seen this animated short about Dock Ellis and his LSD-fueled no-hitter?  If not, you’re in for a treat.