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Post Its - Jared Schorr

Artists on tumblr

OK, this is just delightful.

(via unicorn-meat-is-too-mainstream)


Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan

Actually pretty gross, in their way.

(via makeanx)


heart embroidery
Andrea Dezsö


heart embroidery

Andrea Dezsö

Got free time this weekend? Got a printer? Take a tip from Colossal and build your own human torso (with removable organs!), courtesy of artist Horst Kiechle.


paper cut animals and their snacks

Wendy Wallin Malinow


Joshua Ben Longo - Monster Skin Rug

If this did not cost $2,500 I would be ordering one for the office right now.

Shark Socks by Lisa Grossman.

Everyone needs these.