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For our latest podcast, The Skull, we did a little experiment in 3D printing.

Visit our Thingiverse page and print your own 2 million-year-old skull (or, if you don’t have access 3D printer, at least check out the nifty “thingview” option).

(Thanks to Henry Reich of MinutePhysics fame for snapping these photos!)

You’re handed a compass and a ball of string and told to carefully mark off the next two-thirds of a continent. Don’t mind the uncharted wilderness in your way…


Antique key pistols. 



Geographical and astronomical illustrations from the mid-1800s by John Philipps Emslie via The Wellcome Collection)

(via scientificillustration)

Jefferson started issuing a flurry of letters home, pleading for someone in America, anyone, to kill and stuff the largest moose he could find and ship it to him in France.

Some American flora from 1855 to help you through the cold winter nights of 2014.

The number of days in a year has declined from over 400 to what we have now, which is 365.