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Embroidered 3D Insects and Snails by Claire Moynihan

Actually pretty gross, in their way.

(via makeanx)

[They] found one beetle hanging onto his bottle even while ‘a number of ants’ were busy biting ‘the soft portions of his everted genitalia’ — and still he stuck to his business.
What’s so interesting about the cicada sounds is, when you just hear it for the first time you just hear white noise—you just hear ssshhhhhhh. Just noise. But when you know what’s going on, you can hear the different parts of the orchestra.

David Rothenberg teaches you to hear all the parts of the cicada sex orchestra in our brand-new short.

As you may have heard, the cicadas are coming.  Jenna Jadin has some pretty interesting suggestions for what to do with them.  Yum?