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It begins with this obvious observation: Whales poop. In fact, they poop mightily.


Electrons are directed through a fluorescent lightbulb by molecules of mercury and argon in this series of GIFs from “La Magia de la Fluorescencia,” a GE science film from 1946. 

(via freshphotons)

The mosquito can live a pretty normal life. It can mate, reproduce and buzz to its heart’s delight. But the whole time, the sneaky fungus is slowly spreading itself around the mosquito’s vital organs.
I remember looking down and seeing purple nail polish on the thumb.
Could this be the creature that we can all agree we should just get rid of?
There it was, half a pinkie’s length up, right where the cartilage meets the bone: the smooth, rounded backside of a fully engorged tick.
Water, by itself, is not actually that good at remembering how to become ice.


Geographical and astronomical illustrations from the mid-1800s by John Philipps Emslie via The Wellcome Collection)

(via scientificillustration)

Bad-ass science cartoonist Maki Naro made a comic just for us!

Want to see the green heron in action? OK. Want to hear the Radiolab episode that inspired this comic? If you insist.

Artistic arrangements of microscopic algae viewed through a microscope.

Diatoms are the best and that’s all there is to it.