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The number of days in a year has declined from over 400 to what we have now, which is 365.
Geologic Time Spiral

Human Motion, a sculpture series by Peter Jansen

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Spencer Finch - 366, Emily Dickinson’s Miraculous Year (2009)

This work is based on Emily Dickinson in 1862, when she wrote 366 poems in 365 days. It is a real-time memorial to that year, which burns for exactly one year. The sculpture is comprised of 366 individual candles arranged in a linear sequence, each of which burns for 24 hours. The colour of each candle matches a colour mentioned in the corresponding poem. For the poems in which no colour is mentioned, the candles are made out of natural paraffin.

This is so cool.


Spooky prints of cars not faring so well against mother nature. Peter Lippmann aptly named this series, “Paradise Parking.” 

Where Your Car Goes When It’s Towed - Paradise Parking

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Pages from Steve Jenkins' beautiful book Just a Second. (via Brain Pickings)