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You’re handed a compass and a ball of string and told to carefully mark off the next two-thirds of a continent. Don’t mind the uncharted wilderness in your way…
It was a theory that was discovered by 2 people, and we’ve blithely forgotten one of them.


A music video shot entirely inside an MRI machine from British singer-songwriter Sivu.

( Open Culture)

(via explore-blog)

Have you seen this animated short about Dock Ellis and his LSD-fueled no-hitter?  If not, you’re in for a treat.

Whale Fall (after life of a whale)

Beautiful, delicate paper puppets from Sharon Shattuck and the folks at Sweet Fern Productions, inspired by the latest episode of Radiolab.  


A Beautiful Video Tour of the Jelly-Like Creatures of the Sea

I love that the graphics are Pop-Up Video style. 

Flottille are tiny origami creations that fold or unfold in water.  Their moth-like movements are caused by capillary action.  Created by Etienne Cliquet, found via Metafilter.

Jell-o cubes bouncing at 6200 frames per second.  Forget everything you thought you knew about gelatin desserts.

(via the always-informative Metafilter)

If you are in San Francisco, you must go see Scott Weaver’s insane toothpick sculpture.  And if not, you can still watch this video.  Love how he mixes famous landmarks with personal memories (and a whale for good measure). 

Via Thought Catalog.